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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 5, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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it is 11 a.m., and a wildfire burning near wildfire base got out of control yesterday afternoon, it is now burned 300 acres on more than 100 firefighters are battling displays. he will take you inside the fire lines. and update this morning of the douulas county detective who was caught in the crossfire of a shooting, is now fighting for his life, and the suspects family is not speaking out. caught on camera, a man gets carjacked while getting -?gas. what-- while his twin daughters are sleeping in the car. he is sleep -- speaking out this morning. one woman is dead after being hit by a car while walking in the intersection at dayton street. in aurora. this happened last night, right
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a pedestriannwas crossing against the light when she was hit by a ford f1 50. investigators say a driver of the pickup left the scene but was later found and arrested for dui. right now, this wildfire burning near red feather lakes is forcing evacuations for more than 40 homes. the starwood fire got out of control yesterday, after some strong winds to the fire across them dry brush. it has spread to over 300 acres, only 10% contained. this fire started north of fort collins near red feather lakes, subdivision to evacuate yesterday. >> we packed overnight bags, and all of our neighbors have evacuated. i don't even want to talk about it. they did tell me the people they have coming from cheyenne, and loveland, i hink, they are coming in specifically for the structures here, and the firemen are all aware of our horses and the barn.
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horses. >> larimer county officials say more than 120 people are on ground, so far no structures have been lost, or damage. not clear what sparked this fire. and other major fire, crews from around the eastern plains were able to get this 200-acre fire under control. this is in the town of deer trail. bob higgins sent us these pictures of the crossfire there. the fire burned some corrals and was sport -- sparked by an iron grinder. no one was hurt in this one. conditions catie is in for lisa. >> a lot of very gusty winds, it is still feeling pretty nice, across the front range. let me show you where the red flag warnings are. all the areas outlined in this right being from noon until 7 o'clock just be aware. fires can spark with a gusty winds in the warm conditions. please follow any firebrands in
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conditions, a beautiful star to our liberty. 3 -?we are seeing gradual clearin fog was prevalent across the eastern plains, this orning, but we will start to see those guys gradually clear. rocky mount national park, a gorgeous day. 60s and 70s expected for our high temperatures in the high country. mostly clear conditions. not anticipating storms across the western slope or the different story. highs expected to be in the mid to upper '90s in denver, we are starting out our morning a 73 right now, 79 out of the airport, humidity has been dropping throat the morning. good news is, winds will not be quite as gusty is what we saw yesterday. temperatures a little bit warmer, in the upper '80s to lower '90s and places. i will show you your future cast away the chance of storms is coming up in just a bit. right now, police are still looking for 2 suspects, and
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incidents near the cu boulder campus. it happened yesterday morning just hours apart. jason guenauer is joining us live. >>reporter:good morning, many of the students i spoke to here, on campus, especially the ladies. they are on edge after these 2 separate incidents. one was a groping incident under the underpass. a second scarier incidenns, a woman reported to police that she woke up have sex with her, inside of her home. that also just on the edge here at cu boulder's campus.. based on the description we do have a sketch of the second susppct. he is described as a stocky built black man, 58-510 the at a ome just off campus. i spoke to some students today who were alerted about both of those incidents. take a listen to what they had to say. >> it is definitely scary.
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opened your eyes to the possibilities of what could happen. >> it feels like anyone could get attacked. >>reporter:the details, on that other incident, it happened noted underpass right near broadway in college, were a man grabbed a woman. he groped her, she was able to fight him off and get away. he was described as having a larger build, we still are 3 talking about 2 suspects that are on the loose. older police say they have increased patrols, in the area. if you see anything, or know anything, or feel unsafe call police. live in boulder, jason guenauer, denver7. a bizarre string of events overnight, daryl orr on the scene of an investigation this morning when a car pulls up to him, the people inside staat screaming to have a shot at and then someone was following them. the car did have bullet holes, and then they asked our crew for some help. police thereby camm running.
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shooter's car drove by. police are now investigating the shooting. police are trying to figure out what caused this deadly motorcycle crash last night on colfax and i 25, in denver. 4 motorcycles are involved in this one. police say at least one person died. the road was closed for about 2 hours for the investigation. police say there were multiple witnesses, no word if speed or are investigating a bad crash near pecos street north of -- north of west 84th avenue. police tell us the driver of a white acura was speeding across into oncoming traffic hitting an suv head-on. a third suv then crashed into both vehicles. the acura's driver and were thrown from the car. drunk. no word on conditions this
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shots fid,man down! man down! one of ours! >> we are hearing frantic calls that went out on the radio after a douglas county sheriff's deputy is shot by a 3 suicidal man come on friday. this morning that deputy is still fighting for his life. deputy dan brite shot while responding to a domestic call for a suicidal man with a gun, and parker. >> he lifts up the gun like that, and start shooting. and then he tells the other guu, run into the car, because -?he backs up and shoots. >> detective dan brite was wearing a bulletproof vest, but the buulet entered through the side. he is making progress. the suspect was shot and killed. there are several fundraisers, right now, to help detective dan brite as he recovers. the douglas county sheriff's office is accepting donations to its douglas county fallen officer fonda. the coffee cabin, and parker, will give all of its profits on 9/11 2 dan brite and his family. there is also a gofundme page set uppfor detective dan brite that has a ready raised more
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the suspects family, in this case, is not speaking out this morning. they sent us the statement just this morning and it says "the family would like to extend their deepest and these two detective -- dan brite and his family, and all who to experience pain and suffering caused by the events, and p arker, on friday. ". >> the man who shot detective dan brite was suicidal. more people use guns to commit suicide than homicides here in the unnted states. a group of gun shop owners wants to bring attention to this. bristol homes are shooting and training center has pamphlets out asking people to consider storing guns away from their home, if a family member is suicidal. >> we are the one selling firearms, and identifying the people who shouldn't have them, that can prevent a lot of problems right there. >> the gun shop owner says she trained all of her stuff to watch for risky signs. if there is any doubt, they will not make a sale. denver police are looking
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morning. the woman so she was napping in her car outside of the rehab center where she works over on monaco and kentucky. a man openee the car door, put a gun to her neck and demanded her car keys. she was able to get away and call for help. westminster police are looking for this man, his name is jared, and he is wanted in coonection with homicide. police found a woman in her 30s, shot dead at a home near 70th and raleigh. detectives have been out there all day. that was yesterday. he is considered dangerous, if you see him you're asked to call the westminster police department. this highlands ranch man, 21-year-old, is still missing, he disappeared a grand teton's national park during a hike this past wednesday. he is an employee of the park. he was last ssen hiking near jenny lake. more than 50 people are looking for him. he ran track of valor christian high school in mount vista. those who knew him say he is a
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how long they will search for him, meanwhile his loved ones are hoping that he is found safe, and soon. vandalized, over the weekend %- close to 20 cars were keyed along west 27th. the vandalism stretch for four blocks. any people woke up and found their cars with the scratches all over >> i would never do something like this. i don't understand why people do this. >> police say they are not sure how many people were involved in this crime. they are hoping surveillance video from some nearby buildings will heep find the people responsible. a florida man is behind bars this morning, accused of making anti-gayythreats and posting them on sscial media. we look into the disturbing post that references the pulse nightclub shooting. scary moments for an atlanta dad after hii car is
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his 1-year-old twin daughter sleeping inside. all of this caaght on camera.
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in atlanta, after he stopped for gas. someone got in his car, and took off, with his 1-year-old twin girls still sleepininsi.
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the guy took off. >> that is lester, his card wasn't working at the pump, so he went inside to pay. a man went running around toward the car, slipped inside police found the girls .25 miles away after the suspect ditched the car. take a look at this video out of idaho, a bus driver caught on video dumping water on an eighth grader. very black, the bus driver, arguing with a student and pouring water on him. the video was posted to facebook. the argument started after the boy was accused of throwing a water bottle on the bus. the bus river has been fired. oversees now, people weree killed after a parking garage, under construction, collapsed in tel aviv this morning. or the 20 others were hurt in this. this morning, there are reports of at least a dozen people trapped in the rubble. investigators say the 2 people who died are likely construction workers. it is not clear what caused the
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swimmer, brock turner, has returned to his family home in ohio. he was seen walking in the backyard from of the home, in the sugarcreek township. turner was released, from jail, in california, on friday, after serving three months for sexually ends -- assaulting an unconscious woman. he served half of his sentence. the sentence created outrage, because many people believe it was too lenient. there is now a campaignn underway to recall the judge who sentenced turner. relieved this mornnng, because this man, is behind bars. this is 50-year-old craig joan werth, he is accused of making anti-gay threats on social media. get the disturbing facebook post. it references the june 12th matt shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando. he goes on to right, "if you losers thought the pulse nightclub was bad wait until you see what i'm planning for labor day." federal investigators are looking into the case, he has denied writing those facebook
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dakota as members of a sioux tribe clashed with the security guards hired by a pipeline company. this is an ongoing protest against the 3.8 billion dollar pipeline. construction crews destroyed native american aerial grounds, and yesterday 500 protesters stormed the construction site. they were pepper sprayed and even attacked by dogs. six people were injured including a young child. back here at home, take a look at this, and elk with a large tire swing wrapped around his antlers, take that back this is in arizona, colorado,, fortunately a woman nearby was not afraid to help. she recorded videos, and she says, she was shocked when she looked out her window yesterday morning to see this. at irst, she said she did not know what to do. >> i literally had to take a double take, as i thought i am not seeing what i think i am seeing. literally, this poor guy had a
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macrami, and his antlers. >> thankfully the elk stumbled upon the perfect yard for help, that is because deborah is a veterinarian. she was up to the 12 hour task that it took for her to free him. here is a bizarre story, this man broke into a home in mmrtha's vineyard and pain to the residence doll purple. felix ragan is his name, he is charged with raking and entering an animal cruelty. purple, but he stole several items in and took off. he was eventually caught erie ?t he had purple paint on his pants. not clear why he would have painted the dog. hermine, the tropical storm, continues to bow to the turning up dangerous waves area 80 mile-per-hour winds in some areas. governors are taking emergency precautions along the northeast.
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for a second day in a row. new jersey has declared a state of emergency and some of its coastal communities. the tropical storm is or he claimed llves of at least 2 people. it is now 11:18, if you are stepping outside it is pretty nice. 79degrees. >> temperatures today here in the upper '80s to lower '90s, it will be really niceeif you're going out to the pool, maybe the lake just to enjoy some cooler conditions. they will be back come tomorrow. just wait one more day. looking at tropical storm hermine, we are ointo warnings for much of the east coast, really from virginia up to massachusetts. we will keep an eye on that. you're in colorado, as you can see, not a whole lot going on. we started off this morning with patchy dense fog -- fog across eastern plains. the bii story today is the red flag warnings. how quickly those fiies can spread. low humidity, dusty winds it is critical fire weather.
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especially the areas highlighted in pink. and fostered a not quite as dusty as what we saw yesterday across the front range. down to the south, these are sustained winds at 24 mile-per- hour places like trinidad, and lamarr 15 miles per hour. you can see gusty winds primarily from the southwest as we had throughout the afternoon hours. our temperatures, and our conditions across the front range today, mostly sunny skies, and you will see cooler conditions, overnight, in the 50s. but, this is where our uv burn time 15-20 minutes if you are not protected by the sun. just be careful out there for you and your loved ones. it is verr easy to burn, especially with these warm days. our severe weather outlook for today, we do have a chance of storms mainly down to the south in places like lamarr. i'll shoo you future cast. much of the front range, the mountains, the western slopes staying very dry, throughout the day. a lot of sunshine, not a lot of cloud coverage. i this afternoon, into the
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activity down to the southeast, and then as we headed to tuesddy we will see a cold front reenter into c olorado. that will drop temperatures and bring a better chance for singles afternoon and evening storms. highs toddy across the front range abooe average, upper '80s, across the northeastern plains 60s and 70s for the foothills and then throughout the rest of the state 86 grand junction, 70s and 80s for much of the high country and then down to the southeast upper lamarr. 53 overnight, tomorrow we will start the day mostly sunny, and a better chance for those s torms, as the cold front comes through. temperatures in the lower '80s. i wednesday and thursday, mid to upper '80s, and then a little bit of a cooldown come friday into the weekend. it will be very mild overnight, in the 50s, we will continue -- i know it is the unofficial end of summer,
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>> i will keep those 80s. i am fine with that. >> thank you. us soccer star megan rapinoe is the latest athlete to neil during the national anthem. this picture shows her before sunday night match. she was now competing for team usa, at the time, this is before a national women's soccer league game. she wants to help the country focus on racial issues. she says "being a gay american the flag and not have it ook at protect all of your liberties." meanwhile, since colin kaepernick began his protest, his jersey has shot up the sales charts. he is now number five on the bestsellers list. last year his jersey was put on clearance. colin kaepernick will play for the severance is the 40 niners the. he will be the backup quarterback. he says he is donating the first $1 million he makes two organizations that "promote awareness of social concerns." this morning, president obama says colin kaepernick is allowed to exercise his constitutional right.
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did that. look at the picture. school football game, this is in south carolina, it is a wee bit crooked. the picture is going viral. what was your reaction? >> like someone had been drinking a little bit. just a funny joke. i don't think it makes him look baddnationally. >> the school district saidd they are not sure how the sideline got so messed up. steps are being taken f next homm game. all right, it is labor day, the ia is expecting more the 1 million people to travel this holiday weekend. stella had we will take you through some of the exciting
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we hope you're enjoying enjoying your holiday weekend, and labor day, and a lot of people spending time in our state, and dia is showing us exactly how many.
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weekend, according to a trip advisor survey more than a third of those people will be flying home today. about 15% of holiday travel will extend their vacation through tuesday. that is good news. today's our last day to get a full taste of colorado in downtown denver. the labor day weekend event wraps up today, it goes until 8 o'clock tonight. this event was expected to draw half a million people to in boulder, they are preparing hundreds of ducks. it wraps up today with the annual rubber duck race. money help the parks and recreation department. that race starts at 4 p.m. this afternoon. today you can get a free ticket to a rockies game, all you have to do is donate some blood. offering the deal at three different centers, here are the three locations. we are talking about lowery, westminster, and parker, they will collect blood donations % until 3 o'clock this afternoon. this is kicking off national blood donation week. the free tickets or while supplies last.
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team won yesterday. driver dale earnhardt junior says he is going to staff the truck for the rest of the year. he made the tough decision after suffering a concussion this season. >> we decided to make this decision to not race anymore, but i think it is the right decision considering how i feel, personally, and physically. i definitely do not belong in a racecar today. >> hard to pinpoint but it is likely he got hurt during a big crash back in june. he has already missed six ra he will skip the remaining 12 events as he recovers. we are continuing to monito county. -- larimer county. the broncos name their team cabins -- captains for the
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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fo. a stubborn wildfire burning in lakes is forcing people out of their homes today. this fire moved quickly yesterday and burn about 300 acres after some strong winds blew the fire across a very dry land. it is only 10% contained right now. this fire started north of fort collins, near red featters lakes. to force an entire subdivision to evacuate yesterday. >> we have overnight bags, and all of our neighbors have evacuated. i don't even want to talk about
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cruise that they have coming from cheyenne, and loveland, they are coming in specifically for the structures here, and the firemen are all aware of our horses in the barn. so, they will try to save the horses. >> larimer county officials say they have about 120 f irefighters, on the ground, riggt now battling this fire. no structures have been lost or damaged. ire. an update on the beavercreek fire earning near the wyoming border right now. the fire is now 60% contained. it has already burned more than 37,000 acres. weekend rain in the area prevented the fire from growing. thii fire started in mid june and it is expected to urn throughout the month. the cause of this fire under
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no different today, and unfortunately we have red flag warnings in effect across the state. the front range we will see pretty warm conditions in the all of the areas you see %- highlighted here in pink, that is the best chance for seeing the fire spark up, because we have low humidity and extremely high winds on those hot, dry conditions. if you are in the area, please just practice caution. radar and satellite today we are seeing southwest flow keeping us very dry, the dry air over colorado for much of the day today bringing with it a lot of sunshine. not the story this morning there sterling. seeing patchy fog, this will eventually dissipate as we had throughout the morning hours. the camera is not on right now but it is beautiful out in the high country with mostly clear conditions. really as we have throw the day. the front range with the upper 3 '80s to low '90s. i will have your full forecast coming up in just a bit. we have a disturbing news
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sketches of a man whootried to sexually assault a woman while she was asleep on her couch. let's head out now to denver7's jason guenauer who has the chilling details. >>reporter:students i spoke to call that scary, unfortunate, and even eye-opening. the fact is known to incidents happen in one weekend, just a few weeks into the semester. anhad t both of the suspects are still on the loose. ?e do have a sketch from boulder police, of one of the suspects here. this is the man that a woman claims she woke up to yi home, early sunday morning. is described as a black man with a stocky build, last seen in glasses, and a striped polo shirt. that other incident also happen on sunday morning around 8 o'clock were a woman says she was grabbed near college and broadway. again, just on the edge of the cu campus. she was able to fight off her attacker. the suspect described as having a larger build.
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me this is all happeeing during sorority rush season. a lot f groups of girls that are out ann about, on campus. makes it scarier for them, walking around, especially good night. if you see anything all police. you can remain anonymous, call crime stoppers and ultimately that leads to the arrest of the suspect you could be eligible for a reward up to $1000. reporting in boulder, jason guenauer, denver7. 3 police in colorado springs say bottle bombs in cottonwood park in the northeast part of colorado springs. one of those bombs went off saturday night. when police showed up they found several more bombs thht had not gone off. no one has been arrested, or hurt. no information has been released about a possible suspect. a sex assault suspect is still on the run, in denver, he stabbed the person during the broadway and curtis. near at last check, the victim was
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information about the suspect. a developing story, in grand junction, a man there is shot and killed during a confrontation with police in a trailer park. the mesa county sheriff's office is the man was barricaded, inside a home, and acting erratically. officers were concerned for the safety of children iiside that house. when they went inside, the man was shot and killed. the grand junction officer who pulled the trigger is now on paid leave. the mesa county sheriff's office is investigative. pueblo police aae still investigating a drive-by shooting at the colorado state daniel gonzales was killed, they are loooing for a black honda, and connection to the shooting. these 2 people are in jail this morning, after a standoff early yesterday morning. police say sean peterson was suspected of stealing a car, spotted outside a home on plateau parkway in golden. to leave the house, a woman inside, sarah bland surrendered and was arrested on some warrants there. peterson was eventually arrested, no one was hurt.
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republican virginia newspaper just endorsed him. the richland times dispatch says the former governor, of new mexico, is the best choice dond trump and hillary clinton. they also called for johnson to join the nationally televised debate alongside his -- alongside donald trump inc. hillary clinton. the rival nominees are in the battleground state of ohio, as the campaigns enter the critical months for the race for the white house. labor day. >> and mad -- the next 2 months. >>reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump and their surrogates sprinting to the finish line. >> it is time we get out of our own way and get trumped out of the way and elect this guy and hillary clinton. >>reporter: joe biden and tim kaine teamed up on the trail in battleground pennsylvania. clinton ii also back on he
11:37 am
plane dubbed hill force one. after criticism that she hasn't held a press conference in 275 days. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. 3 i have been waiting for this moment. really, i will come back and talk to you more. i want to welcome you. >>reporter: clinton and trump making stops in the key state of ohio. after trump worshiped in the church, and detroit, saturday. >> i fully understand that the african-american community is suffering from discrimination. >>reporter:trumps campaign intensify he attacks on clinton when dealing with the fallout with the release of those fbi investigation note on her private e-mails. the negatives of trump and clinton giving rise to third- party candidate johnson, who is close to 10% in some recent polls. >> what he could do is allow either candidate to lower their barrier that they need to win. donald trump can underperform with minorities is to win the
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anddstill win the presidency. >>reporter:they wwll be -- be busy in several battleground states today. just 2 months until election day. take a llok at this, this temporary tattoo stop drunk drivers? it uses sensors to measure your blood alcohol level and it can send the information to your smartphone. california san diego are working on the device. they say the sensor can detein your sweat within 15 minutes. they say could be more effective than a breathalyzer. after fiie months of not enforcing the city's urban camping and, the boulder city council has told police two started up again. police are trying to urge homeless people to finn other accommodations. people who continue to violate that law will be issued a summons. police have backed off on enforcement of that camping band back in april after they
11:39 am
criminalizing the homeless. it is labor day and state offices are closed today, but colorado state parks will be open for you to check out. today is also your last chance to drive to the top of mount evans. before the road closes. the five-mile stretch from summit lake to the summit of lake evans -- mount evans will close on tuesday. the bottom portion of the road will remain open until early october. if mother nature decides he wants to cooperate. the broncos have named their captains for the season, to various thomas, marcus ware thomas leads by example, and ware represents the oldest and one of the more accomplished players, and webster got the nod for his work on special teams. meantime, mark sanchez is now out, he has been signed to a one-year deel with the dallas cowboys. they ppan to keep tony romo, on the active roster, to make room for sanchez the cowboys have waived out showers. sanchez is being named as the second backup for the cowboys.
11:40 am
the braves have "definite interest in signing him to a minor-league contract." according to the report, five teams have met with tim, the braves are the only team mentiined by name. his agency he wants to sign a minor-league contract sometime this month. >> 70 will pick him up. >> of course. a man visiting a california jail, he opens fire and shoots 2 officcrs. we will find out what the jail is doing aboutttheecury ot solved in minnesota. the remains of an 11-year-old boy who went missing back in 1989 have finally been found. it is labor day, a day some ?f you may choose to shop the sales, we have the do's and don'ts on what you should be buying, and what you should
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z23uwz z5yz
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a gel in california says it is not changing it security protocol. despite a shooting that left these 2 officers wounded. the 2 officers they are recovering this morning. after being shot at the jail, over the weekend. this happened while a man this is a look at he accused shooter. they say the officers asked him
11:44 am
with those offices. during the struggle, they say he took out a gun and shot them. they then arrested him. police a he is part of a gang. major ddvelopments on a nearly 30-year-old cold case that's changed the us forever. minnesota investigators say they have found the body of a missing boy, whose disappearance made national headlines in 27 years ago. 11-year-old jacob wetterling was abducted back in 1989. a suspect, and his d isappearance, led the fbi to his remains. take a was last seen with his friends, coming back from a trip from the convenience store. >> i think it touch america in a way place that is a safe haven anymore. you have to be vigilant. >> jacobs of duction back then but to the federal law that requires states to maintain sex offender registries. no official word on who that suspect is. it is labor day, course, that means for some it is another great day for shopping. we are sorting through all of the ads finding out which ones products you should wait on. >> if you need a mattress, now is a good time to get one.
11:45 am
you also save on some major appliances. >> now is the time to buy anything outdoorsy, camping gear, patio sets and even summer clothes. there are some things you should avoid. >> this is not the best we can to buy electronics, that is because the new iphone does not go on sale for a couple more weeks. if you want to buy iphones by them after that when the old ones get marked out. >> better deals cooe around -?back -- black friday for big- screen tvs, same nter clothes and lawn darts. [laughter] >> lawn darts probably now is the time. >> some of them are weighted, it may knock you out but it won't puncture you. okay, labor day festivities, how about the weather? >> so many things happening throughout this labor day, and it is a gorgeous day outside right now. mostly sunny conditions, still ?ome patchy fog across the far
11:46 am
the state. downtown denver 79 degrees, winds fr tt right no good ns is we are not going to see as winds conditions as we saw yesterday, the winds will pick up from the southwest a little bit later on this afternoon. temperatures stay under plenty of sunshine rising into the upper '80s and lower '90s and then overnight we will stay mostly clear, slight chance of storms for tomorrow. the big story of today, is we have a red flag warning in effect for portions of the palmer divide, the mountain valleys and a well -- along the western slopes, humidity -- low humidity and gusty winds has the potential for starting fires. the careful and practice a lot of caution with any fire bands or reduction in place. our current wind speeds as well, pretty gusty down to the south, trinidad susttined winds
11:47 am
and denver six miles per hour out of the airport. sustained winds of 10 miles per hour out in aspen. our risk for severe weather mostly encompasses the southeastern cooner of the state, where you see in green places like lamarr into burlington. we have the potential for picking up some stronger storms there. we did see severe thunderstormm, over the weekend, those stuck to the northeastern side of the state. today not a lot going on, really all across the metro area, the mountains, the western slopes stay very dry, mostly sunny, but we do have the chance for some activity down to the south, abo o'clock until the overnight hours. tomorrow, for tuesday, he will start to see a change of the weather, as a cold front moves through. highs today very warm, well above average, pper '80s to lower '90s for much of the front range, 60s and 70s expected for the foothills and elsewhere across the state we will see mid 80s across the western slopes, 70s and even though 80s in eagle, and then 90s into the upper '90s down to the southeast. tonight, 53 degrees, mostly
11:48 am
wake up to more sunshinn. cooler conditions as a cold front enters and that we have a better chance for seeing afternoon showers, and thunderstorms throughout the front range. today, enjoy your labor day, very nice. make sure to wear sunscreen to protect yourself, stay hydrated. tuesday we will start to go back down. wednesday and thursday in the mid- 80s and before cooler conditions come back on friday. 11:48, it seems as though we did a lot of driving this summer. the amount of gasoline use, in this country, hit a record high. in june of more than 50 -- 450 million gallons of gasoline, that is the highest amount ever in a month since records started being taken back in the 1940s. a gallon of gas cost about 222 -- $2.22 in colorado. you have very big prize
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this week's 7everyday hero rescued her first horse when
11:52 am
now she has dedicated her life to helping horses and the people that love them. >> this is april, and we saved her a few months ago before she had her baby. >>reporter:saving horses from slaughter is so important to terry allen she started a nonprofit in her own backyard. >> terry lynn horse rescue, inc. % >>reporter:are small ranch and elizabeth is a haven for horses others considered >> currently we have 16, in our care. >>reporter:though a small operation, and the last couple of years, terry, her fammly, and friends, have save more than 50 horses. >> these horses were scared, they are run through, they are sold by the pound. most of them are sick. some are hurt. >>reporter:some of the horses are given up by those who can no longer afford the care for them. most are on their way to slaughter. she was so scared of people did not want to be touched, would
11:53 am
horses-- nurses the horses back to health and nurtures them so they can trust again. >> this is reese's, we adopted her a year ago. and she is now my best friend. >>reporter:it can be a time- consuming, and costly process. bringing horses back from near death. >> it is totally worth it. >>reporter:even if thht means long hours, and money out of her own pocket. >> all of these horses are just so thankful for her. they would not be alive without her. so, she is a wonderful person. >> it is not about getting them out of here somewhere horses can come in, it is about finding them the right placement so they don't ever again and up in a place where we first found them. >> i felt like it was my calling. >>reporter:we are hiding out in your barn, for this surprise. we have denver7 and trusted choice, they would like to honor you as a 7everyday hero for all you do, and for
11:54 am
congratulations! [cheering] if you would likeeto learn more about her horse rescue or nominate someone as a 7everyday hero, go to and click on community. you will see 7everyday hero's. a giant panda gave birth to very special twin cubs over the weekend, in atlanta. these are the first giant pandas born in the us, this year, that is even more good news. yesterday, world panda from enddngered to vulnerable. the threat still remain high, but the species is in less danger of extension. >> they are so tiny when they are little babies. today is going to be a beautiful day, across the state. if you hhve the chance for fire danger, especially across the ?estern slopes of mount valles, but the front range is mostly sunny and hot. slight chance of storms return on tuesday with cooler
11:55 am
temperatures come friday. >> '80s sound fantastic. a little bit of rain would be nice.
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? get ready to party because we're having the biggest labor day blowout your backyard has ever seen. i'm giving you something "taco-bout" as i serve up a mexican favorite grill-style. then, as if it wasn't hot enough, michael's in the kitchen with the incredible freddie prinze jr., and they've got a spicy take on a backyard favorite. plus, forget tired cafetia food. this school's putting a fresh spin on lunch. >> i haven't seen any other school, in my life, do this. it's really amazing. >> let's fire it up, right now, on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] good afternoon and welcome to "the chew." and happy labor day, everybody! happy labor day! [ cheers and applause ]


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